Pump Solve, with their experienced team of fabricators are proud to present some of our unique designs for metered dosing applications. Pump Solve’s workshop is an up to date workspace fitted with a welding, manufacturing, assembling and testing area. These areas are maintained by our certified technicians to ensure quality while maintaining our Modular Lewa Workshop certification.


LEWA is known worldwide as a specialist and market leader in the handling of supercritical fluids and the use of diaphragm metering pumps, sanitary/hygienic diaphragm metering pumps, packed plunger metering pumps, micro metering pumps, laboratory pumps and high pressure process pumps capable of pressures up to 1200 bar. LEWA pumps provide high metering accuracy and are durable, reliable, safe and highly efficient.

Lewa Pumps


CheckPoint® is a leading manufacturer of Pneumatic chemical injection pumps. Pump Solve design, manufacture and market the most reliable pneumatic chemical injection packages complete with all basic components to make these skids complete plug and play solution for any application.

Checkpoint Pumps


As a company absorbed in fluid transportation, BSK Fluid technology, invented the world’s first dual ceramic air valve system in its air-operated double diaphragm pumps. It is highly valued by customers for its unique patented technology, high quality and excellent stability.

Pump Solve also distributes BSK’s sanitary FDA pumps.

BSK Pumps


Pump Solve and Kamat Partnership

KAMAT has designed pumps with operating pressures up to 3,500 bar and driving power up to 1500 kW to a level where they are mature enough for production. Kamat has been a leading international system supplier of high-pressure technology for more than 40 years and its powerful, versatile high-pressure pumps can be found in almost all industrial fields, including mining, industrial cleaning and hydro blasting for rusted steel preparation. We also supply hydro demolition equipment.

Someflu Pumps


Since 1980 Fox have been designing and manufacturing world class pulsation dampeners. With decades of experience development on pulsation dampeners Fox have completed the production of multiple types of pulsation dampeners and configurations to meet the different demands of their custom

Fox Pulsation Dampeners


The NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump is specifically used in chemical industry for transfer and circulation tasks, particularly for supercritical fluids. The pump and motor are integrated into the sealed and leak-proof structure of the centrifugal canned motor pump. The pump is designed according to API-685

Nikkiso Pumps


SOMEFLU is a pump manufacturer specialising in the engineering and manufacturing of corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps. SOMEFLU pumps are made of thermoplastic and designed in horizontal or vertical configurations. Someflu manufactures all their plastic pump components inhouse int their own facilities.

Someflu Pumps


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