Our strength lies in the understanding of multidisciplinary operations and our ability to seamlessly integrate traditional engineering principals within different industries:



Power utilities

Inline dosing of 98% sulphuric acid

Dosing of boilers at high pressure

Dosing of ammonia solution

Dosing of caustic soda

Dosing of molten sulphur

Food and beverage
Process integrity, recipe compliance, and product reliability are basic prerequisites in food technology. Hygienic aspects and cleanability play a central role: The process must remain closed and contamination of the process media must be prevented in every phase of production.

Pump solve supplies precise system solutions in the manner in which they are required in the food and beverage industry for processes such as homogenization, mixing, and filling.

Waste water
Polymer make up units (local or import)

Dosing of polymer

Dosing of lime

PH Correction

Petrochemicals generate starting products for the manufacture of plastics, pharmaceuticals, colorants, detergents, and other products. The most important operations are the various splitting or cracking processes (e.g. steam cracking, hydrocracking). These processes convert long-chained hydrocarbons (e.g., naphtha) into short-chained ones.

Pump solve supports your production plants with effective additive metering, as well as with the conveying and treatment of washing water and acidic water.

Pump solve offers you specialized solutions for the metering and conveyance of the required chemicals and products. We provide pumps and systems to suit your requirements and offer you all-round support for processes such as hydrocracking.

Crude oil has to be cleaned, separated, and converted (refined) until the final products are suitable for end user use. These include gas, diesel, heating oil, lubricants, propane, and butane.

These processes often involve complex distillation processes that require precision and reliability. Pump solve supports local refineries in various processes, which means that not only is it able to draw on a wealth of expertise, but also on a network of consultants and technicians, who support you on site when installing and operating your distillation plant.

Our tried-and-tested pumps are used in various metering systems, which we build to meet your requirements and commission on your site.

Oil and gas
Customers across the globe put their trust in Lewa’s products within the oil and gas production industry. From antifouling agents through to wax inhibitors – with our pumps and custom packages, you know you are using chemicals safely.

Of course, our pumps also meter corrosion inhibitors, oxygen binders, and other toxic and corrosive substances without a problem and guarantee absolute process safety.

What is more, Pump Solve offers reliable solutions for high-pressure injection and sealless crude oil and natural gas production. Our systems can cope with the harshest environments: Whether in cold Siberia, the hot Arabian Desert, or on the rough sea – with Lewa’s products, you’re guaranteed efficient and fail-safe processes.


Nitric acid dosing.

Sulphuric acid dosing.

Reagent dosing in platinum mines.

Copper sulphate dosing – reagent dosing.

Xanthate dosing – reagent dosing.

Depressant dosing – reagent dosing.

Depressant make up units – reagent dosing.

Frother dosing – reagent dosing.

CIP process for Cyanide dosing in gold mining.

Slug dose for hydrochloric acid dosing gold mining.

Reagent dosing system design that allows for constant dispersion.


Our scope of supply for these sectors ranges from simple metering systems for metering additives, process chromatography and buffer dilution systems, right through to complex systems for the proportional mixing, conveyance, or filtration of various media.

Gas Chromatography of super critical CO2 extraction:

Super critical CO2 or SCCO2 extraction is the preferred method to getting the oils, waxes and turpins out of the plant material without any chemical contamination. This is accomplished by taking CO2 feed from a standard cylinder at about 800 – 900 psi (55 – 62 bar) and pumping it in to an extraction vessel at 2000 – 5000 psi (138 – 345 bar) where operators manipulate the pressure and temperature to elevate it to a super critical phase and maximize the extraction.

LEWA FC micro-metering pumps
Laboratory pumps for extremely small flow rates.

In laboratories, test centers and other testing environments, small amounts of liquid media often have to be metered. Great value is placed on operational reliability and a broad spectrum of use in these environments. The metered flows have to be reproducible and controllable with high precision. The fluid has to be protected from any impurities.

The LEWA FC micro-metering pump completely satisfies the requirements for a laboratory pump. It is highly efficient and meters at an accuracy of ± 1%. Multiple pump heads and drives can also be combined as desired to form multiplex pumps. This allows high flow rates or metering of multiple different fluids in a process sequence.

So that it can be used in a wide variety of application areas and fulfill the specific requirements of our customers, it is available in two different designs: as a diaphragm pump or packed plunger metering pump.



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