Custom Products

Pump Solve manufactures a complete range of stainless steel/glass Calibration Columns  ranging from 200 ml to 25 L. Any of our range of pumps can be supplied with a universal pump base. In most practical cases pump bases are designed to be floor mounted, wall mounted or weld mounted with bolt on brackets to any skid or steel structure. These pump bases are available  in a wide variety of fabrication materials. In the instance of refinery standards, Pump Solve can design custom built API  standard pump bases to customer’s specific requirements for our range of products.

Custom Injection Skids

To compliment our slogan Pump Solve design and manufacture complete plug and play chemical injection skids. These packages are designed with the objective to simply customers site installation, setup and commissioning. These packages are easy to use, simplified units, however extremely robust and reliable with no compromise to accuracy. These packages can manage pressures up to 1200 bar. Mobility is easily achievable due to the compact design, reasonable light weight and height adjustable feet. In some cases these units are equipped with wheels for additional mobility where required.

Custom Injection Packages

Our most popular range of remote chemical injection packages that includes on skid self bunded storage tanks, chemical injection pumps and a range of accessories. These units are modular in design and can be customised to the customer’s individual needs. Choose from our three standard sizes available (500L, 1000L, 1500L). Accessories includes pulsation dampeners, pressure gauges, pressure relief valves, back pressure valves, chemical strainer and calibration column. In some instances customers order additional mobile access platform, MSDS holder and tank filling hose holder. These chemical injection tanks can be filled with the addition of a transportable stainless steel flowbin, situated on the top of the tank by means of gravity filling. Alternatively this skid can be equipped with an AODD pump to fill the tank. These tanks can be equipped with an external sight glass or with level instrumentation and flow meter  which  could be monitored via cloud based interface.

Custom Designs

Pump Solve provides the ability to design uniquely custom and accurate systems according to the client’s and site specific desired specifications and needs, incorporating our world class leading products. These designs are provided in 3D format for a more realistic presentation of the actual model. The 3D designing program allows more precise plant and piping layouts to acquire the most effective outline for each application. These designs can seamlessly be integrated into any new or existing application. These systems are designed from the bases of a formal site visit and customers safe operating and control philosophy.


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